About the Trainer Patricia Varian

My philosophy for training dogs is similar to my parenting ideas, in that all children and dogs are different, and what is best for one may be the worst thing for another. I match my training techniques to each dog and owner to find the right fit, rather than force all through one program. The common theme is attention, impression, and consistency. Do you have your dog's attention? You've gotta start there! Did you make the right impression with what you just did? (If your dog is now afraid of you or completely oblivious to what you were doing…either way, you didn't make a good impression!) And finally, consistency, consistency, consistency! Really any dog, any age, can be a wonderful part of your pack, offer therapy or service, or just be your forever friend. All you need to do is call!

Patricia has trained dogs for over 25 years, including working at Guide dogs for the blind and competing in AKC and NAHRA events, earning titles on many dogs. She is also an evaluator for AKC Canine Good Citizenship and a member of the National Association of Hunting Retrievers of America (NAHRA), Central Coast Hunting Retriever Club (CCHRC), International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), and Therapy Dogs International (TDI). She started using the "Power of the Pack" in the last 15 years and has 10 well-trained/socialized dogs that help her train/rehabilitate other dogs. She trains the owners as well as their dogs, giving private and group lessons, as well as creating personal videos of the dogs who come and stay with her to train. Recently Tricia has become more active in the training of Service and Therapy dogs. She currently has two dogs certified with Therapy Dog International and attends homes for the elderly and mentally challenged regularly. She trains Diabetic Alert Dogs (DADS), allergy alert dogs, and service dogs for autistic children (AADS), as well as obedience, rehabilitation, and bird/gun dogs.

Contact Patrica Varian by phone: +1 (805) 748-9046
Or email: patriciavarian@gmail.com