Labrador Retriever Parents

Why I Love Labs:
I'm a recovering "type A" personality. You know, always focused, driven, work too hard, and definitely worry way too much. For those of you like me, Labs are the perfect antidote. They remind me to laugh, to play, to be silly. Life is one joyous game for Labs, "lighten up… come on, let's play," you can hear them call. It never fails; when I'm down, my Lab will come along and bring light to my spirit. What a great epitaph… wherever she went, joy followed.



  • Gorgeous dog, blocky head, great confirmation, 85 lbs
  • 14 titles in his 4 generation pedigree, show, and field.
  • Son of champion show dog, who was also titled in AKC and nahra hunting trials.
  • Fun, happy, jolly disposition
  • OFA excellent hips!
  • Throws beautiful pups! $2000 stud fee (frozen only)


  • VKVarian's Polar Express (Bruin)
  • *Gorgeous, Blocky, English boy, 90+lbs
  • *Sweet, Happy and Easy Going Temperament
  • *Double clear on ALL DNA Health Tests!
  • *OFA Normal Heart and Elbows, OFA Good Hips
  • *Pedigree PACKED with Champion and GRAND Champion Show dogs

Varian's Unoxidized Copper!

  • Copper is a super sweet, happy, and very large guy! 95lbs
  • His hips pre-limed excellent, elbows and heart normal, and he is EIC, PRA, and CNM, and HNPK CLEAR! (so, he can breed with any female, and all the puppies will be safe from these diseases (as you must get a "Bad copy" from both parents to get these diseases.
  • He carries the rich foxy color, as his mom was a dark foxy red and will throw puppies from white to red, depending on the female!
  • He is available (eager and willing) for stud for $2000 and has successfully bred every female he has mated with gorgeous pups!


  • Autumn is out of walt and winnie (both are on this page)
  • She has ofa good hips, elbows, and heart! She is EIC, PRA, and CNM double clear and a single carrier of HNPK (which means none of her puppies will have any of these genetic malformities, as long as we breed her to an HNPK clear boy! (like copper!)
  • She carries the rich foxy color and will throw puppies from white to red, depending on the male chosen.
  • She is probably the most happy lab I've met! Not "Excitable happy," it's just, her tail never stops wagging! No matter what I do with her, even hold her down for artificial breeding, that tail keeps waggin! (lol…which makes it a little hard for breeding! ) she just loves to be loved on!


  • Maggie is extremely well-bred, for show. With 2 "Grand-champions" and 10 "Champions" as well as many other titles in her 4 generation pedigree!
  • She is double clear on all genetic tests, EIC, PRA and CNM and HNPK, OFA normal heart, and genetic hip markers in the 90th%
  • OFA good hips and normal elbows, smaller girl, about 55lbs
  • She carries the rich foxy color and will throw puppies from white to red, depending on the male chosen.
  • She is probably the sweetest, most gentle lab I've ever met! She could walk around with an egg in her mouth all day and never break it!


Winnie's Bowl of Honey (Mother of Bruin*)

  • Beautiful girl, many champions show titles in 4 generation pedigree.
  • Prelim exrays show excellent hips, normal elbows, and heart. (both parents also ofa good, elbows normal)
  • Clear of EIC and PRA and CNM
  • Wonderful disposition, kind, happy, sweet, and easy-going.

Ali (Mother of Dot, Great Grandma to Delilah *)

  • AKC "Junior hunter" and nahra "Started" titles
  • Absolutely beautiful dog
  • 15 champion show titles in 4 generations,
  • Including sandylands line
  • Kind, Calm, Easy Going Disposition
  • As awesome at hunting, as she is pretty!
  • OFA good hips
  • Loves to please you!