Varian Kennels

The Lab Pups are 6 Weeks Now and So Cute!

Now that the pups are 6 weeks old, they are really developing into little characters! They all have their moments of crazy, of joy, of goofiness, of roughhousing. They are much more similar in personality than looks (and they look pretty close too!) As you spend endless hours pouring over these photos, remember, it might be the “adorable shot” that drew you to THIS particular puppy, and not necessarily the puppy. Also, It’s SO hard to get photos of these fast-moving targets, and they are right under your feet! So, I may have many more of a few pups than others….it just works out that way.

You get to choose when you come to pick up your puppy, but ONLY if you are here, OR have already told me your favorites, in order, so I can pick for you. The LARGEST difference 6 months from now, is NOT the genetics (as these are all siblings from very similar, show quality, English lines.)

The BIGGEST difference is YOU! If you socialize them, and train them, exercise love, AND discipline them, they will learn good habits that will grow over their lifetime. If you don’t, your dog may develop anxiety, fear, aggression, or just a bad case of the “pain in the butts!” (haha


PLEASE, if you haven’t read my book yet, at least UNTIL the training chapters at the end, PLEASE do so now! I can’t possibly explain to each one of you, personally, all the questions … would take, well, a book! So I did that! I WILL talk your ear off on go-home day…but there will be enough to explain about feeding, vaccinations, bill of sale, registration papers, etc that day, so please, get a start on the book asap if you have not already!

Puppies are currently on Purina pro plan, Focus, Puppy: Chicken and rice, and I will be spending some home with you.